Entry #1

Apparel And Other Goodies

2017-04-21 05:35:44 by KamesJ


I'm releasing a line of Apparel/Other Goodies with designs that Scribblemist & I draw Ourselfs. There isn't much there as of right now.

Check It Out Here


There is stuff like:

Apparel, Posters, Phone/Laptop Cases, Spiral/Hardcover Notebooks, Regular/Travel Mugs, And Stickers


4% - 32% (Percentage depends on which product) off for the first two days


Hi, I am an artist and would be happy to do something for you no matter what it is. Whether it be for something to do with your, music, game, voice over, book, apparel/merchandise, ETC.
I'd be happy to work with you.
My Email.

My Phone
+61 422 797 763
If using my phone then please text first.


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